About us

videography shot in the desert of the great salt plains of oklahoma

our Skills

video production

  • Onsite/studio filming
  • Cinematic 4k camera
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Color grading
  • Adobe Premier
  • Lighting Rental

Web Development

  • Web Design
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Visual Studio Code
  • JavaScript
  • On/Off page SEO
  • Backlinks
  • MetaTag + more

Audio engineering + more

  • Custom sound
  • Visual Design
  • Location Rentals
  • Campaign Advertising
  • User Flow analysis

our clients

What we do

Our Team

Captain Jack

Since a wee lad, Jack has been intrigued by the visual and audio world. Editing his first video at the age of 10, he never looked back. With over 17+ years of videography and music production under his belt, he is a true versatile creator. He also travels the world as tour manager for artist Thunder Jackson, and produces music for rising group Aliv. Want to get to know Jack a little better? Follow him on Instagram @captainjacksondeluxe

Mr. Riceman (AKA Alex)

A true visionary.

Billy (aka bailey)

All things back of the house for Backhouse Tapes... technically I am Backhouse Tapes???

Backhouse Tapes logos the sooner states number one video company